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Pam Cooley

Choosethical Ventures Inc.
E pmcooley@pamcooley.ca
M +1 902 403-8407

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Pam Cooley
Speaker, Facilitator, Social Entrepreneur
Born in Halifax and raised in and out of sailboats on the Northwest Arm, Pam moved west after graduating from Dalhousie University, and only recently returned to her birthplace. She now refers to herself as "bicoastal" being completely at home in both of Canada's great port cities, Halifax and Vancouver.

Pam has accomplished a tremendous amount over the years. Many in Halifax know Pam as co-founder of the innovative transportation company CarShareHFX. Her entrepreneurial drive springs from a remarkable passion for her home town and province and a well informed sense of civic engagement.

She also runs a remarkable consultancy, Choosethical Ventures Inc., offering the following, frequently inter-related, services:
First and foremost Pam facilitates.
She takes everything and everyone into account for the best outcomes. The results are surprising in that more often than not they surpass all expectations.

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